Decorative Solutions

Visual Series

VISUAL™ has almost endless usage possibilities in decorative laminated safety glass. If the designer can imagine it, VISUAL™ can provide it. VISUAL™ can capture photographs, graphics or patterns and preserve the integrity of the images for as long as the glass is in the building. Designers have complete freedom to customize any piece of glass, while retaining the laser-like precision of digital technology.

Various applications in which the VISUAL™ process can be used:

Partitions Wayfinding Systems Pictograms
Wall Cladding Architectural Graphics Mapping
Office Identifiers Signage Themed Environments
Backsplashes Civic Design  

Why is VISUAL™ by Trudeco Glass® the premier decorative technology?

COLOR: No competing technology can deliver the rich, vivid color that VISUAL™ can. Designers can truly have their vision transferred to the piece without losing the color they desire. In addition, VISUAL™ can deliver pure blacks, whites and sepiatones as well as intense metallic gold and silvers.

EASE: With VISUAL™ by Trudeco Glass®, you deal with the manufacturer AND fabricator. With similar lesser digital technology, the product is manufactured by one party and fabricated by another. VISUAL™ cuts that middle man out of it, making it more efficient both from an expense and leadtime process.
MULTI-FUNCTION: Because VISUAL™ by Trudeco Glass is sandwiched inside of laminated glass, it brings multi-functional properties with it. VISUAL™ is SAFETY rated glass (for use in doors and other SAFETY rated areas) that will cut down on sound transmissions while be structurally safe and stylish.

CLEAN: VISUAL™ is extremely durable, with little possibility for scratches or other defects. Fingerprint markings, dirt or grime can be easily wiped away. In addition the glass resists bacteria and mold making it a must in an office or institutional environment.


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