Decorative Solutions

Vanceva Color

With Vanceva™ you can choose from an extensive palette of over 30,000 colors to fulfill your design vision. Vanceva is a laminated glass product that can be used in both interior and exterior applications. This allows you to offer the design option that you want with the superior performance attributes your project demands.

Building on the base benefits of standard laminated glass - solar protection, sound reduction, and enhanced safety and security - Vanceva interlayers provide advanced solutions for multiple architectural challenges.


Interior or Exterior Applications
Walls Partitions Doors
Tables Shelves Display Cases
Insultating Glass Units Hand Rails Balustrades
Overhead Glazing Entranceways Entire Building Envelopes

Trudeco Glass® is a premier fabricator of the Vanceva products.

Our extensive glass fabricating processes in over 27 + locations allows you to specify Vanceva by Trudeco Glass® with confidence.


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