Decorative Solutions


Sumiglass is a laminated glass product intended for interior use only. Trudeco Glass® strongly discourages use in exterior applications. Sumiglass can be found throughout the world, where it is used in interior applications such as doors and windows, side lights, room partitions, office dividers, glass handrails, and almost any other interior application that glass can be used.

Sumiglass panels offer virtually unlimited design flexibility. They are available in a choice of 77 standard options, including 15 Printed Patterns, the Frost and Rice Paper series, the Fiber Tone and Loom series, Woods, Decorated Aluminum, Marbleized Patterns and much more.

In addition, Trudeco Glass® welcomes inquiries regarding custom fabrication using customer-supplied materials, fabrics, other materials and even custom designs.


Each piece of Sumiglass is individually fabricated to customer specifications in Trudeco Glass® manufacturing facilities in Columbus, OH.

Using specialized equipment and a unique laminating process proprietary to Trudeco Glass®, the decorative interlayer is placed between layers of adhesive and layers of glass. It is then permanently bonded to create a single pane which captures the specific pattern, color and texture of the decorative interlayer. Clear, tinted or coated annealed glass can be used. Heat strengthened or tempered Sumiglass glass is also available. Sumiglass can be fabricated in circles, triangles, trapezoids, or in unique, client-supplied patterns. Laminated glass with a swiped (seamed) edge is standard. All other architectural edge fabrication profiles are also available.

Superior quality in every job is ensured by the fact that Trudeco Glass® is a full-service glass fabricator with complete control of almost all aspects of the fabrication process.

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