Decorative Solutions

Sliding & Stacking Doors

Envison® Sliding & Stacking Doors from Trulite Glass & Aluminum Solutions are ideal for use in covered malls where individual shop entrances remain open during business hours. Providing easy access and conserving valuable floor space, the door panels can be adapted to single or multiple door installations. Even better, Envison® Sliding & Stacking Doors are available in all rail styles and can be produced in any of the wide variety of metals, finishes, and glass surface treatments.


Design Elements
  • Special design of rollers ensures easy and smooth action, even around 90° corners.
  • As there is no need for curves in the track, the system can be designed for minimum use of floor space.
  • No floor track or guides required giving complete freedom to maximize available space.
  • The stacking areas can be designed to be at the best location to preserve space.
  • When the system is closed, doubleaction, lockable doors can be planned at any location.
  • Every panel is independent but is interlocked securely to the adjoining panel(s) and into the floor.
  • Door rails and hardware are available in a variety of finishes including clear and bronze anodized, satin or polished.
  • Cladding is available in stainless steel, satin or polished brass.