Decorative Solutions

Glass Wall Systems

Envison® Glass Wall Systems are designed to be highly structurally sound while still providing the maximum opportunity to showcase unique architectural styles. Our vision systems include custom fabricated glass & hardware to create glass walls, with or without entrances, allowing the maximum view of the interior space. Structural glass walls are another option, providing the opportunity to combine glass, structural support and creative design to make a bold visual statement with any project.


Design Elements
  • Structural glass walls utilize point supported glass fittings to create glass walls by stacking glass panels.
  • Glass stabilizers (fins) may be used to provide structural support.
  • Stainless steel spider fittings provide total all-glass vision without obstruction and add maximum flexibility to design.
  • Most interior glass walls are designed using 1/2" thick fully tempered glass.
  • Two-sided support requires glass to be supported at head and sill.
  • Three-sided support employs fully tempered glass stabilizers (fins) to add structural support at the jambs.